Orana Joint Organisation

Orana Water Utilities Alliance (OWUA)

Orana Water Utilities Alliance (OWUA) is committed to providing a unified approach to the sustainable delivery of water supply and sewerage services, and to achieve and maintain gazetted Best Practice. The forming of a collaborative arrangement allows the member councils to pool resources, reduce duplication and form a common platform to develop initiatives.

Objectives of the OWUA:

  • Resource and staff skill sharing;
  • Water resource sharing opportunities;
  • Peer review of performance and mentoring where appropriate;
  • Development of shared best practice strategies;
  • Funding of best practice strategies and goals.

The OWUA consists of 11 Member Councils:

OWUA Technical Committee Meetings are held bi-monthly and the OWUA Operators Group meet quarterly (subject to change). 

 OWUA Documents and Reports

Orana Water Utilities Alliance Forum - A place for members to share knowledge and resources. 


Contact Orana Water Utilities Alliance

Simone Goodwin, Project Officer
E: simone.goodwin@midwestern.nsw.gov.au 
P: 6378 2715
W: www.oranawater.com.au 


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